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Default Mini rant

I was unfortunate enough to catch this weeks episode of X Factor, as my lovely wife was watching a recording of it. It was rock week.

Never have I heard such a collection of weedy pop karaoke total "spheres of reproduction" paraded as rock. One of the judges, when challenged about the "rockiness" of their mentored act, responded "it's all about the guitar". WTF! Just because someone's injected a slightly distorted guitar riff into a pop song, doesn't make it a rock track! Silly cow.

& then there's the term "band" applied to a collection of singing bouncing teen bimbos wailing to a backing track. Last time I checked, a band plays instruments & creates their own music!

Sorry to put you through this, but here's a couple of examples of rock X Factor style:( Hideous vocal! Weak crap!
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