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Default Re: Oz rock!

Cheers Andy - I saw all these bands live and they all put on a great gig. Never saw Men at Work live, Abe. Some others ...

The Angels in this vid have aged and don't have the energy of old but the chant after the chorus was happening way back - we Aussies are classy, eh? hahal

For something more sophisticated, Renee Geyer: - she always had studio players in her band.

Now a bit of soul with the Dynamic Hepnotics including Continental Robert on vocs and harp (a guitarist in one of my old bands played with Robert for a while in recent years): ... we had a lot of good blues and funk playing the traps.

I was Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons many times - a killer blues, RnR and RnB band the sound on this vid is very low). Gary Young, the drummer, had formerly played with Daddy Cool ... you might have heard of them? Eagle Rock?? The tall baritone player, Wilbur Wilde, went on to be a well-known personality in a variety show band.

For something less mainstream, I saw Ed Kuepper's band, Laughing Clowns play a memorable gig at the Musos's Club ... ugly and cacophonous, but what a vibe! EK originally hit the big time with a punk band, The Saints but then he branched out.
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