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Default Oz rock!

In the 70s and 80s Australia had a fantastic live music scene, full of dynamic, gig-hardened bands. Many at the forum would know little about Oz rock so, for them, it's a brief primer - for Aussies, a trip down memory lane:

Early clip of Midnight Oil - this one was on their debut album. They were the best bar band I've ever seen. Later they went on to play stadiums:

Another band that grew into stadiums, Cold Chisel. This tune was a hit for them:

Shock rockers, Jimmy and the Boys - one of the most outrageous bands on the circuit in the 80s. The singer is now into events management and disparagingly describes his period in the band as "an aberration" ... I thought they were awesome ... and they did a great version of Zappa's I'm the Slime too :)

Ayers Rock ... singer was dodgy but the musicianship was great

The only time I saw ACDC was at a local school dance ... they were killer and they did ok for themselves later on :) It was around this time:

If you'd like an encore with some more classic Oz rock bands, yell out MOOOOOOORRE!!!
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