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I'm with Stu_Strib on this one. When I look at his video clips, I'm actually very disappointed. But we all have to understand something. Just because you've reached celebrity status doesn't necessarily mean you're one of the best at your profession. Many of today's celebrities can be classified as "entertainers" rather than musician's or actors etc. I don't have a whole lot of evidence to go on regarding Travis so I'm not going to bash his drumming ability. But drumming aside, he is clearly an entertainer, an attention-getter. If you walk into a room tattooed from head to toe, with a mohawk, believe me everybody is going to notice you. He didn't get his own TV show because of his drumming, he got it because he's an entertainer with a colorful personality. Again, I haven't heard enough of his drumming to pass judgement, but the parts of it that I have heard have left me scratching my head a bit as to why he's held in such high regard.

Another guy who gets so much undue publicity as a drummer is Tommy Lee. Unfortunately, you can rank his popularity in life based on this order:

1) Size of his p*nis
2) Who he's been married to (Heather Locklear, Pam Anderson)
3) Motley Crue and the popularity of the "Big Hair Bands" of the 80's
4) Drumming

Yet, because he's a drummer, so many people think he's an awesome musician.
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