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Default Re: School vs. Music

Originally Posted by pxavier View Post
Why do people always make it seem like I won't go back once I leave anyway? Does it become unaffordable? Is it really that easy to go back to school (not that I want to)?
I think it's simply because most people don't.

Of course school is expensive, but if later you become serious about it, you can work it into the schedule and budget using financial aid, loans, rich in-laws, or whatever. And if down the road you do decide you want to go back, it's not terribly hard. There were tons of other 30-somethings at the school I went to (University of Washington). It's totally fine if you don't think you want to now - when I got out of the navy, I was so sure I'd never go to college that I cashed in my college fund and spent it all on a new drumkit! It's just good to keep in the back of your mind that someday you might actually want to back, so you don't need to feel like you're closing the door on that option forever (nothing's forever).
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