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Default Re: School vs. Music

I think you need to strike while the iron's hot. I dropped out high school to play drums because the parents wouldn't let me play when they were home. But I quickly realized that I needed to support myself while playing music so I joined the Navy with the sole purpose of learning some skill that could help me pay the bills once I got out - and that's just what happened. So after getting out and playing in a dozen different bands for several years, and having chased down the dream of becoming a "pro" and concluding that it wasn't to be, I came to the realization that school was where it was at. I started at 28 and it took me 7-1/2 years to do it, but I graduated with a degree in electrical engineering.

At no point during my little odyssey did I ever have to completely stop drumming, so I'd say I went about it the right way - for me.

Bottom line is that you can go back to school at anytime in your life, but to really chase down the dream of playing for a living has to be done while the passion and the time are still there.
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