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Default Re: Update on Wac'd Drums

Heres the lastest from the front line!

After much discussion between partners these are the following changes.

1. We have decided we will not be pushing sales of anything until 2012. Clearly the end of 2011 is fast approaching and the Holidays are right around the corner, things would be slowing down anyways. I think its more important for everyone involved to concentrate on taking their money and spending it where it needs to be spent during this time of the year.

2. We have decided not to put the Bass Station into production. It was decided that it would be more practical to mount standard style spurs on the Bass drums. They will be mounted very simular to the way the snare strainer is mounted. The spurs will be pretty straight forward but will be produced by us inhouse.

3. We will not be using any type of wingbolt or wingnut on the floor tom leg brackets. We have two types of designs on the table with one being a push and release type button. It will come down to which design proves more dependable.

4. The Flip Shell is in its make or break stage. The results have been very good, but its just not where it needs to be. I made some changes this past week , so soon we will know whether its a success or just simply a novelty.

So the lugs are set, there are no changes to be made. I might "leak" some kits for sale before the end of the year, but its hard to say .

Others things of importance- A friend and I went to a Design& Manufacturing show this past week and came home with a ton of new ideas! Some of the processes such as Photo Chemical Machining were unbelievable! So much to see but so little time.

But heres the kicker of the whole day ! Never thinking for one moment I would see anything music related, let alone drum related , we stumbled on a manufactuer that specialized in aluminum work. Well stuck way in the back of their display happened to be a drum shell. After further talking with the President of the company, I found out the shell I was holding was a Ludwig Acrolite shell and his company has been producing the metal shells for the last 50+ years. So after further discussions with him it was determined that we would carry on further talks outside of the show. We had discussed what would have to be changed as not to infringe on Ludwig but other than that the skys the limit.

So thats just some of what has been happening with us. I included a few pics on some of the prototype things we have going on. The snare is what I decided to call the 'Rimshot' snare. Weighing right around 14lbs and very loud. Although the use of an automotive rim isn't new , this snare is what got us into doing the flipshell. This one you can flip to get two distinctly different snare sounds. The other is the stationary butt plate, designed to match the stops on the lugs.
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