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Default Re: New guy in here!

Hey there guys,

I`m back again with some new stuff. Still looking for some ideas for filling the dents in the hoops, though...
As I managed to save some money, I finally bought myself a double bass pedal and some accesories (hi-hat clutch, falam slam and pedal bag) . They`re Millenium PD-222 pedals, they`re not much of a brand but they`re prety well engineered ( Rumors say it`s a DW-3000 copy, and I tend to believe that) I`ve played on such pedals before and i really loved them. Considered the fact I couldn`t afford something more "high-end" , I bought them. They`re worth every single cent, very adjustable and stable.

I have a problem making even strokes. Somehow, the left strokes don`t sound as much as the right ones, or sometimes I can`t even hear them! Is it because of misproper pedal adjustment, or because of my left foot being weaker? Or maybe a combination of these two?

On the other hand... i`ve received as a gift some vintage drums (cca late 70`s) wich i`d like you guys to help me identify, but that`ll gotta be another thread.

Looking forward to your replies, hoping i`m not annoying :D
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