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Default Re: One of the most incredible songs I've ever heard

I like this one a bit better than what I've heard from them until now (which wasn't much). But I'm not floored... It's not really touching me but they have considerable songwriting and instrumental skills in their field. It was fun playing along to the doublebass stuff (not the exact patterns of course, but the same tempo). The guitar solo parts were nice but I remember the other song was more impressive in this regard (I can pull out some fast sweeps myself, been a guitarist for 21 years). I like their nice mix of aggression & melodies. Long songs tend to get boring at some point but this one was enjoyable. A bit repetitive at some spots but not too much.

Here's my modest offer - Sarah Brightman / "Arabian Nights" - I like the mix of various genres - or genre stereotypes - and the 'heavy' culmination towards the end. Basically I can't stand dancefloor but I'm not ashamed to admit this package is pleasing to my ears.

I'll delete this post if someone finds this not appropriate.
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