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Doctor Dirt
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Default Re: Kits that makes you drool!

My favorite sounding kit that I've played but didn't own was a Sonor Delite.
A kit I owned and foolishly sold was a Pearl Masters MHX (african mahogany). Also a few years early I had a Special Edition MHX (pre Masters) that lead me to purchase the Masters version new.
As a young drummer I had a mix kit featuring Slingerland & Ludwig drums and their memory is clear in my mind. They simply kicked butt in the era when young musicians didn't mic up drums and no one could afford the quality P/A gear of the day (VT boxes)(and Crown amps) hahahaha!!!
My Eames Hand Crafted Drums have to be mentioned as top of the line gear especially my 6ply (finetone) set.
To not mention my current YRC set wouldn't be right. I have nothing negative to say about the YRC, they work well right out of the box. Doc
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