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First time I saw Van Halen play was 1969. They were called Genesis. Actually saw David Lee Roth sing in a band called Red Ball Jet before he joined up with Alex and Edward. I can tell you Budgie (and it's drummers) was a big influence on Van Halen. Ray Phillips and Pete Boot were the 2 Budgie drummers and during those early years Van Halen was playing Budgie covers. When "In For The Kill" came out with Boot, he was playing a kit with a floor tom mounted as a rack tom. Alex followed. Van Halen played several songs off that album. Since they were THE local Pasadena band, I saw them a lot. Another big influence on them was a band called Captain Beyond. Van Halen did several of their songs, and C.B. was obscure enough a lot of people thought the songs were Van Halen originals. I think Bobby Caldwell was the drummer for C.B., with Lee Dorman on bass and Rhino on guitar. I think Alex is a great rock drummer. Picks up a lot of influences and makes them his own. A great showman and entertainer.
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