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real name - Friends call me Oz
age? 21
how long been playing? 3 years now
origin of user name? long long story ;)
top 5 drummers? I've got no fav. drummers
make of drumkit? Sonor force 3003 + Alesis DM5 triggered
make of cymbal? Zildjian + roland epads
where do you practice? @home, drumchamber
are you in a band/s? yeah, Slutopsy
covers or originals? only originals
what style of music? grindcore / deathgrind
favourite take out food? I don't do take out food ;)
country? Holland , obviously
one really odd fact about yourself? i'm ombidextrious
how did you start drumming? took lessons and actually loved it :)

Hell, I didn't even know the forums were back up again, last time I checked was like... a year ago or so? GJ Bernhard!