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Default Re: Tony Royster Jr.

Honestly, I expect nothing less from Tony Royster, jr., as he has been drumming since age three. He is now almost 19, giving him 15 - 16 year of experience. He is certainly good, and seems to have a keen grasp of all aspects of drumming, but what did you expect?

I personally think Tony is a child prodigy in term of music. He must want to constantly learn new things, and therefore, his abilities are exponential. I have been drumming since I was 14, and now, at 16, I have a decent amount of experience. Most of the kids in my town consider me a very skilled drummer. Tony accomplished what I have currently done when he was only 5!!!

For example, since I was 3, I have been drawing and sculpting. My interest in art has not dwindled, and thus I am very skilled (not to brag). At around age 7, many people were amazed at what I was able to do. Consider this situation with Tony.

- Marc
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