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Originally Posted by Death Gum View Post
Thanks for the responses! :) Are there any differences in different states?

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The Us is very multi-cultural, there are many difference type of foreign influenced food. Most typical american food, like the 2nd poster said, is general very salty and fatty: good for the taste buds, bad for the heart.

And, Yes! big differences in between states. Accent, demeanor, slang, it can all change from drastically from coast to coast, and that what I love about it so much. Search on the internet for the "You know your from New York when..." and "You know your from Texas when..." etc pages, and you'll get an exaggerated picture of the differences between states.

Everyone I know here, is completely enthralled with people from other countries. You shouldn't have a problem anywhere you go. California is very beautiful and the people are very nice, but its expensive, crowded, and even more touristy compared to the rest of the country.

I'd say Nashville, New York, LA, and Austin are the major musical hubs.
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