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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Hi I am new to tis site and new to drumming iv been drumming for about 8weeks I've played guitar and bass for almost 15 years the current band iv been in for the past 2 years has alway needed a dedicated drummer so once I found another guitar/bass player I jumped on The the Roland TD10 that was just sitting here and after a few jams itseemd to stick the band is a church band we play all styles of music from gospel to death metal for live shows out of church I was using my friends pearl vision set I was so worried about scratching or damaging it so a few weeks ago I found a used ludwig accent set for 250$ it needed new Tom heads so i ordered a set of Remo black suede emperors and the shells were perfectly round and the bearings were perfect it had one straight cymbal stand And I found a boom stand with a mid 70-80s zilg avidas 18" crash ride the hi hats were cheap so I called a pro drummer friend who was sponcered back in the 80s by Sabian he dug through his old sets and found a used hi hat set ofcorse the brand was missing it had been used so much and he gave me a 80s zilg 20" ride I think Iv got a good starter set now here are a few pics and a vid of my first cover I'm still sloppy but I'm getting better the pics are of before I receive the ride and hi hats from my friend ttyl
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