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Default Re: M&M II, Language of Drumming, Taking Center Stage

Originally Posted by NeuralizerTY View Post
Todd Sucherman's Methods and Mechanics II is a great accompanying dvd to M&M I. It is all about tips and tricks on the road as well as going other particular grooves, odd times, and sticking. I strongly suggest if you enjoyed the first DVD. Though if you have not seen the first DVD then I would watch it before M&M II because it constantly is referencing techniques from the first DVD.
Yeah, i really like Methods and Mechanics II. My only complaint is i wish the exercises Todd goes over were available in PDF format on the disk. I had to stop the DVD to jot down the stuff i wanted to work on. Reminds me of the old "Hot Licks" videos. Todd even makes a comment about not spoon feeding the viewer and making them do the work themselves, which i thought was right on!

I see that Todd will have a companion book and CD soon to MMI so i guess he'll make everyone "work for it" only on MMII. LOL!

You definitely want to have MMI first.
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