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Default Re: Smiley Faces and Angry Posts

Originally Posted by Coldhardsteel View Post
Am I the only one who hates it when someone posts an obviously irritated or angry response and ends it with a smiley face?

Kinda like this: (:

It's passive aggressive and annoying. All members who use this tactic are immature and prefer angering opposition to being in an actual intellectual conversation and should go pour bleach in their eyes. Thanks. (:
What exactly has brought this on then? I agree with everyone else that emoticons are there to be used on forums in the absence of any other way of expressing emotion, aside from using the written word, which can be extremely cumbersome and difficult to use for people who aren't Earnest Hemmingway. (I know nothing about Earnest Hemmingway except that he has the same intials as me but he was in this crap film that my mum made me watch on monday so that's the only reason I'm mentioning him).
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