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Default Re: Smiley Faces and Angry Posts

Originally Posted by Coldhardsteel View Post
Am I the only one who hates it when someone posts an obviously irritated or angry response and ends it with a smiley face?

Kinda like this: (:

It's passive aggressive and annoying. All members who use this tactic are immature and prefer angering opposition to being in an actual intellectual conversation and should go pour bleach in their eyes. Thanks. (:
If there is a smiley face, how do you know the post in angry?

I've seen a lot of posts where someone took something to be mean/angry when the writer was not intending to to be mean/angry.

It's all plain text, and and people tend to insert what tone of voice they think the writer is using, when it may or may not be the case. Emoticons can be helping to better state the proper tone of voice to distinguish what is an angry post vs a happy post, or otherwise.
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