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Default Re: Smiley Faces and Angry Posts

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
"spress yoself" is what I say. Use all the tools made available to you by God n' Gates to do that.

Its a lot less painful than having to read the next six posts explaining the tone and manner and what was actually meant in the first one.

I like emoticons. If I do a smiley then it means I'm either smiling as I type or smiling inside. Emoticons and lol etc help bridge the gap between the written word and body language, especially when dealing with people you've never met face to face.

I don't mind how people express themselves if I like what's being expressed. Better still if a person writes with a fair level of grammar, spelling and eloquence, but I'm fine with any amount of clunkiness if the thoughts expressed are wise.

Life's too short to waste passing judgement on people for misdemeanours.
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