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Doctor Dirt
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Default Re: What are you listening to right now? (part 2)

The great "Louis Jordan & his Timpani Five" one of the zillion greatest hits.
Barn Yard Boogie
Five Guys Named Mo

..................great combo swing music by some great players that feature tunes to dance to and just laugh and smile with. The guy was a great lyric writer and these folks did live music shots for the over seas forces during WW2 all the time. Louis was a beloved musician by other players and his public. His drummers were Chris Columbus (brush man) and Shaddow Martin. They recorded with everyone and to hear Ella Fitzgerald with the band and Louis Armstrong AND Bing Crosby all at the same time ALL STONED out is hysterical. Yeah ol' Bing use to puff on the reefer hahahaha you should hear him scattin' he could do it too!!!! Fun stuff makes me smile every time I hear it, plus Swing is Big Time Fun to Play!!! Doc
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