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Default Re: umm, is there a way to change your name on this site?

Originally Posted by harryconway View Post
Just putting that POS comment into "perspective".
I would love to have fired a gun. Unfortunately there aren't many opportunities for that to happen in this country. It's not like in the states where they'll just give one to anyone who doesn't have too much of a criminal record and can be bothered to wait 72 hours to make sure they don't shoot their spouse in a fit of rage (great, they'll just have to wait until another fit of rage comes along to do it then). When I become a weapons designer I might move to your country. It sounds fantastic :) Tbh though I think it's not really a fair point. I mean the engineers who design formula 1 cars are very unlikely to ever drive them, it still doesn't stop them from producing a hell of a fast car though.

As for the M-16 It became a very good weapon after the developement of the A2 but not before it contributed to the deaths of many American soldiers at the hands of the Vietnamese in 'naam. TBH I don't even think the modern A2 would have done much of a job, it's downfall in that sort of environment is the fact that it is a small calibre of 5.56 mm and it's lack of momentum meant that unlike the 7.62 mm AK-47 it was unable to fire through large chunks of wood. Not very useful in a jungle environment really. It's breakup is gr8 for tearing apart flesh though :)

The difference between the SA-80 and the steyer AUG is that even though it might have been improved in service, the AUG was already a far superior weapon at the time when the SA-80 was first introduced and I have no doubt that it would have been improved further if it had the same sort of investment from a fighting force like the British Army for example. I don't think that attitude of "well it was crap to begin with but at least it was improved and became much better over time" should be accepted really because this is peoples' lives you're talking about.

Agreed, the people at H&K "totally" re-vamped the SA-80 to it's L85A2 configuration ... and it's become a "pretty fine" firearm ... much like the M-16 took several years to fine tune ... and now it's the second most massed produced assault rifle, in the world.
In typical british fashion, they're completely unable to organise themselves and have to get someone else to do it. In this case, the Germans! How ironic. We build some great stuff (the original SA80 not one of them) but can't seem to run a piss-up in a bloody brewery.
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