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Default Re: umm, is there a way to change your name on this site?

Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post
Ugh hate that thing. It's a real shame our brave soldiers have to be burdened with that POS .....
Have you ever fired the Enfield?
Originally Posted by mediocrefunkybeat View Post
The improved SA80 is a serious bit of kit. The old models had all sorts of issues but the improved models are reportedly much better and now more reliable than other similar models like the Steyr AUG, although I'll grant you that the AUG was a much better weapon fifteen years ago.

In close quarters, the SA80 is probably a better weapon. It's that bit shorter than the AUG although I do get your point. Certainly there was little sense in keeping the SA80 a few years ago before the improvements.
Agreed, the people at H&K "totally" re-vamped the SA-80 to it's L85A2 configuration ... and it's become a "pretty fine" firearm ... much like the M-16 took several years to fine tune ... and now it's the second most massed produced assault rifle, in the world.
Over here ... pretty much forget getting your hands on the L85A2 ... although there's something called the Prexis PL-85 ... it's a $3K weapon. A little too rich, for my blood.
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