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Default Re: similar band names

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
Personally speaking, just as they're every chance to preserve their the same way I wouldn't want my band confused with another either. Once I knew that a band name I'd chosen was being used by an established band, I'd drop it and find another name.

Different story if you'd been using the name for years and only just stumbled across these guys. But considering you're only just forming and have very quickly become aware that an established act is already using the name, I'd alleviate the confusion from the get go and come up with something else.
it's not exactly the same name, but it's very close. only one letter in two words is different. it'd be like a female artist calling herself "lady gago" or something like that.

i agree with you, but my bandmates want to go ahead with the name. i may end up being the guy saying "i told you so" when we get that cease and desist letter.
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