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Default similar band names

hey all you band experts, i have a question for you about band names. recently i embarked on a new original band project (here we go again!) with some guys i've played with in other bands. we've rehearsed a few times and come up with some songs that sound like hits to us (of course!) sound familiar? anyway, our lead singer suggested a two word band name that seemed totally random to me. the other guys immediately started creating facebook pages and web sites with our new band name. i couldn't imagine another band could have a similar name, but i was wrong! sure enough, there's another fairly well known, internationally touring band out there with a name that's the same as ours except for one letter in one word. i'd never heard of them, but i've definitely heard of their drummer. he's played in some other very famous bands and i've seen him discussed on this board before.

i don't want to say what their name is or what our name is, but i do want to ask, what are the chances that this other band might send us a "cease and desist" letter? if they did would there be any legal ground for it? our band names are different, even though it's only one letter.
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