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If I think the drummer played right part for the songs, i should be lying . Keith Moon played the way he felt like when it was recorded in the studio. Then he played like he felt when they played the same song live. He never played the same way like Neil Peart or any other great drummers, which seems so fascinating to me, which shows there are numerous ways to back up (or lead) a song with drums, with absolutely no rules. Keith Moon is still my favourite drummer... less is always less.. sometimes!

..and he was lucky to have Townshend, Daltrey and Enwhistle to support him which is extremely rare to have these days in bands.

"Eminence Front" by Kenny Jones-- sounds so dead with the groovy beat!, If Moon were alive, he would have come up with something.
"Trying Keith Moon approach with Charley Watts's modest mind set "
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