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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Hi Todd,

I posted a few weeks ago about the difficulty of getting your new DVD in the UK.

It finally appeared on Amazon, so I paid for it and sat back, looking forward to getting hold of it.

Then I was sent an email by Amazon, saying the DVD distributors in the USA had cancelled the order, for no apparent reason. My money is now in limbo, though I've been told it will drop back into my account in the next twelve days.

Clearly, this is all out of your hands, but maybe your managemant might want to chase it up, as I'm sure you've got a good number of fans in the UK who might be finding the situation frustrating.

You mentioned that your DVD was available from your website, but it's much cheaper and convenient to buy from within the UK.

Just checked Amazon UK and the DVD is again listed as unavailable.

Still hoping to get hold of it soon!!!

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