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Moon was a huge part of a theatrical band that used visuals and emotions to enlist their fans. Moon was a favorite of fans who appriciated the "show" first then the playing ability. I saw him 2 or 3 times and other than having tons of energy and being a total maniac I heard nothing that any drug induced half way talented drummer couldn't come up with. Sorry but there was NO groove every established, he blew every ending and listened to the guitarist (out of tune) instead of the bassists and there was obviously something going on between the bass player and him. They never hooked up once they never "looked" at each other once that I can recall. Free styling belongs in a garage but when you come along in the 60s with the most impressional generation that was loaded on drugs for concerts anything could happen. If someone is thinking that Townshed is a great guitarists thats ok, I thought he was a horrible lead player who was lucky that he did all his best work in a studio because live he simply was not very good. Same for the drummer and in my opinion the bass player held it together and was a decent enough talent to get them by live.
Playing power chords and performing over the top free form is a talent in it self. I'm not sure where the performance ends and the music begins!! Wrecking gear at the end of the show impressed some folks (again drugged out kids) for me after seeing them live I wished they did it at the beginning of the night. Free form jamming needs to be left to the pros with talent not some kids that are very "limited" in what they know.
To suggest that Kieth Moon is a great drummer "All Time"!! Wow thats really abusing the word Great! A great Showman at that time?? Yes! A talented musician?? In a studio were the jammin was limited, OK! Live?? Not for me, no concept of beat, no rythmic qualities, no sense of timing, how many single rolled patterns can you take??? Horrible cymbal work, just thrashing and crashing, playing on the edge of the cynbals to produce more noise (fill?) Enough, my rant is over!! Guess you had to be there, and straight too hahahaha! .................................................. ..............................Doc.
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