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Default Re: umm, is there a way to change your name on this site?

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
Khukhri is a nasty weapon, Harry but very difficult to master. It has a wierd balance, so the technique is very different from other knife techniques..
Indeed, yes, I've owned a few ... as for "technique" ... I just used to swing mine like a machete
Originally Posted by aydee View Post
Gurkhas are badass dudes.. totally fearless, which is what makes them not a good idea to mess with : )
Indeed #2 ... about the "only" thing more dangerous than a Gurkha and a Khukuri is a Gurkha with a Khukuri and an Enfield.
Originally Posted by aydee View Post
I like the bike jacket idea. I can be someone else on my bike. hmmm... nice.
Indeed #3 ... Teyshaun ... rider of the crazy wind ...
My blades ... both Damascus steel ... old school ... kinda like me ...
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