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Default Re: Stanton Moore

Breadmonkey, I respect your opinion and thanx for not blasting mine...You rock!!
Yet never forget Mickey Hart or Bill Kreutzmann who together as a team are unstopable yet as singular drummers are still well versed in many rythms and techniques. Also there is Louie Bellson who IS one of the best on the planet who even filled in for Buddy Richs' band when buddy fell ill, he can play any signature in any time frame he decides. Also, it IS hard to impress me as a drummer because I have heard alot of music from different eras and some of the guys who are the founding fathers of modern drumming are just so darn good and well versed in their instrument as well as styles and genre. I am just too darn hard to impress, sorry....

Yes he is quick at his decision making when it comes to changing up on his patterns and I liked the band, Galatic, as a whole so I caught 3 shows and bought some cd's.

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