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Default Re: umm, is there a way to change your name on this site?

Anyone "remember" the Travis Barker impersonator .... what a flip out city that was ....
Originally Posted by aydee View Post
..ahh wish I could change my name in real life... I love Teyshaun! Too late now.. too many years with this one.
No ... it's never too late, Teyshaun ...
That is a cool name. Like some anime superhero name ....
Wouldn't be hard to change your name at all ... or start an "alter-ego" ...
Get that name embossed on the back of a motorcycle jacket (or maybe a duster) .... and have a matching wallet ... and then have a "signature" weapon ... like a double edged Khukuri ... that would be bad-@$$ ... I've never seen a double edged Khukuri ... maybe I could get my "chinese" swordsmith to make one ....
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