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Default ...the TV SHOWS! except not by a spambot thread!

What do you guys like watching? I'm an adult swim freak and a huge Tim and Eric freak, I have all 5 of their seasons of Awesome Show and the special, both seasons of Tom Goes to the Mayor, the one season of Check it Out!, and extras on my ipod.

My fave shows include;

Tim & Eric
Tom Goes to the Mayor
Family Guy
Later Aqua Teen Hunger Force
90's Nickelodeon
Invader Zim
The Soup
Whose Line is it, Anyway

Geek out time:

I really love Whose Line, I love the relationship that the contestants have with Drew Carrey. I remember one scene where someone had to do an impression of Drew, and he went; "BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ, I THINK I'M SO COOL, BUZZ BUZZ, I THINK I'M IMPORTANT, BUZZ BUZZ, I'M EXTREMELY ARROGANT" etc.

The robo-sitter episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, the ending scene, Carl's house is completely burnt down to the ground.
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