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Default Re: umm, is there a way to change your name on this site?

Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
Maybe you could start over by abandoning your profile and creating a new one. You wouldn't be the first to do that.
Indeed ;)

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
I would change mine but my other choice is already taken.
No, I'm not going to tell what that other choice is!
Maybe I could be bobdadruma-fan. ;)
Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
oh....I know, I know.......Pollyanna??
Sorry Bob, I wish I could hand it over, but I'm used to it now :)

On the other hand ... if I started a new ID then I wouldn't have 8000+ posts wouldn't be flashing in neon signs "I have no life!".

Pat, the name change is pretty brutal but the message is clear. I guess the only sane response I can give to that is ... HAHA SUCKED IN :)
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