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Default Re: Stewart Copeland

Originally Posted by Alesi View Post
I really don't care about how he speeds up. In fact, there's some tunes in the The Police Live album that have that kind of "lack of time". But, I think about Copeland most of an extremely intuitive-tasty player. I mean, if he doesn't speed up, it wouldn't be Stewart Copeland. John Bonham is another drummer that sped up in a lot of song, but how I would point that out in tunes like "trampled under foot", for instance. It works.
/agree. It wasn't always on purpose, which he has admitted. But that doesn't mean it sounds wrong either. In many cases, it's what made the song get up and move. A really great example of this can be found on the Oysterhead song Army's On Ecstasy. Besides, there tends to be a different view on this stuff today because everyone is so used to hearing gridded music. Back then, this was normal and nobody cared.

BTW, that Driven To Tears link may be one of the worst versions of that song I've heard from them. Go back a ways to the time before Sting sterilized everything and take listen.
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