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Some examples of the lyrical creative process ...

One lyric I wrote was a little fantasy about a corrupt politician goin' down (of course, in real life they almost always get away with it thanks to help from powerful friends):

Another captured my feelings about the rat race:

This one was about the power relationship between record companies and artists:

I wrote this lyrical at age 19, based on a cartoon by Australian cartoonist, Michael Leunig ... four lines were added by our at the time guitarist. It's a bit twisted:

Then there's a cute lyric written to a bassist's riff. I asked him what he wanted the lyric to be about and he said he imagined it being about the life of a tom cat living in the streets:

Lots of things in life can trigger ideas. The key is either to find something you feel strongly about ... or to put yourself in someone else's shoes and tell their story.

The hardest part of writing lyrics as a drummer is finding something your singer can relate to and can sing with conviction. My approach is usually too quirky and nerdy for singers I've played with :(
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