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Default Re: How personal are the stories you share on this forum?

I know that my band members occasionally scan this forum, & I have no problem with that, as I'm lucky enough to have great bandmates (that's worth a few points ;) ) As for identity theft, yes, a concern, but not one that consumes me. I've had enough crap happen in my life so as to relegate such concerns into minutiae. I have little playing reputation to destroy, so I'm free to post my "less than ideal" playing examples for the amusement of others.

There are, however, elements that I'm precious about;
The feelings of others. Conducting myself with due respect to the consequences of my actions. Remembering that there's real people behind the username. Representing brands that I'm associated with in the right context, yet always being happy to advise members on the best choices for their particular circumstances. Being realistic about my abilities (or lack thereof), & never advising beyond my real life expertise. Being hugely grateful that there's a number of members here whom I regard as more than anonymous sounding boards.
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