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Default Re: Stanton Moore

Yes Stanton Moore is the STUFF! But I keep seeing words like "deep pocket" and "unique". While I AM NOT an awesome drummer there ARE drummers doing the same thing in bands called "jam bands". I have been in jam bands all of my musical career and a lot of my peers are doing close to/if not the same kinda funk/jazz/rag stuff that Stanton does. I am NOT knocking Stanton at all, his delivery and timing are incredible even though I saw a few flubs at the shows I went to, we all flub somewhere. And yes he has inspired me to become a better drummer but the fact is others are doing the same and are just not as famous. Please dont blast me for my opinion....

Refried Confusion(defunct)
Shak Nasti
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are my local jambands, check out yours you'll be surprised
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