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Default How personal are the stories you share on this forum?

There are a lot of stories and situations shared on this site. In many cases, posters are seeking advice on how to handle certain situations, or to find out if anyone else has the same issues or problems. Often the people in these situations are not portrayed in a good light, because they have been the source of or contributed to the problems.

The reason I ask the question is because I wonder if any of the people I discuss in my posts peruse this site and can figure out that situations involving them are being shared in public. I know we don't typically use names in our posts, but that doesn't mean people couldn't figure out who is being talked about by the power of deduction. If that were by chance to happen, it could be a really bad situation that could involve hurt feelings or even breakups of bands or friendships.

Do you have similar concerns that someone you write about here could figure out it was you that posted it, and read what you've written about them?
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