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Originally Posted by Belov3 View Post
B.B still loves his coffee and cigarettes lol. He is my stepdad and I never realized his drumming influenced this many people. It definitely makes me appreciate him more in a way. I am also going to show him this blog and I know he will really appreciate it! He is still playing for Marshall Tucker and still touring!

Hey Stephanie,
Tell you stepdad I said hello. If you look at my pic/avatar (whatever) you will see that I am playing his "Red Fred" kit. We traded cars, cash and drums. I still have them, so if he cares, tell him they are taken care of and played regularly. I know he drove my old Supra for years. MF is playing live all over the place. A reunion with BB would be a too good to be true. MF has had so many great drummer since he left, but he is the drummer that left a lasting impression on me. Take care...
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