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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

would you mind sharing your max speed for some rudiments (e.g. paradiddle), handwork/footwork, hands & feet combos? I'm fully aware these are merely figures and not 'musical' but I'm just curious by nature when it comes to technique, and having the chance to post questions directly to you on this great forum is just irresistible.

Did you ever 'really'/separately practice double bass? (I guess so, that would be some explanation how you achieved this phenomental control and speed.) Do you remember some click settings?

What's your difference in max speed with right side vs. left side lead (if there is any)?

Drumming just has quite some physical aspect to it, especially if drummers have an energetic style. So to some extent speed is always there inherently. I'm just unclear _which speed_ can be done exactly (to shock myself and estimate the great gap what I can do and what the top drummers can handle).

Thank you for your reply, hopefully I'm not bothering you with these questions.
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