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Default M&M II, Language of Drumming, Taking Center Stage

Todd Sucherman's Methods and Mechanics II is a great accompanying dvd to M&M I. It is all about tips and tricks on the road as well as going other particular grooves, odd times, and sticking. I strongly suggest if you enjoyed the first DVD. Though if you have not seen the first DVD then I would watch it before M&M II because it constantly is referencing techniques from the first DVD.

Benny Greb's Language of Drumming is excellent as well. Lots of different things in this DVD from playing on a breakfast nook table to a log in the woods. Very fun to watch and incredibly informative.

Lastly, Neil Peart's Taking Center Stage is one of the coolest DVDs I've ever seen. It has everything a Neil Peart and a Rush fan could ask for. Track by track break downs from the Time Machine tour, Drum cam footage from the Time Machine tour, rehearsal and sound check footage before shows, Neil's drum tech breaking down the nuts and bolts of touring. Interviews from the DW worker who created Neil's Time Machine and Hockey kits. And much much more. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
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