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Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
The drum is finished and reassembled. While I had it apart I ran some 220 grit along the bearing egdes to clean them up a bit. Now as for sound. Unless my tuning skills are vastly improved over the last four hours, this drum sounds much better. I'm sure the paint had something to do with that whether it was the Gretsch Secret sealer or not. Who knows they may also use ACE Hardware paint by the barrell. It is warmer, less harsh sounding. Now go paint all of your drums quick.
That paint job looks great, GD! Did you have to sand down the inside of the shell to get the sealer to soak in, or was the wood unfinished? While I was working on that Ludwig Classic Maple BD I found that the clear coat they use inside the drums is quite heavy and tough! May not be silver, but I bet it influences the sound!

Nice work!
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