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Thanks Bob!

I'm using the same Audix D6 I've used for maybe 5-6 years. That was about $199. The Kelly Shu mount I have had for about two years - that cost around $40, I think. And then there was the cable that I shortened - I think that was about $35. But all that stuff I already had and would use regardless of the jack installation.

The XLR jack itself cost me $5; the correctly sized drill bit was $4.50; screws, washers, and lock washers were around $2. Foam gasket was free packing material from a shipment at work. So, the materials for this part of the project were just under $12.

The wear and tear on my nerves in deciding to drill my beloved bass drum shell was considerably higher! lol But I'm happy now - the install looks fine and the sound of the drum wasn't effected at all, as far as I can tell.

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