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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Originally Posted by Brundlefly View Post
Its not a fact, as facts are not subject to relative points of view. So, we're saying 4 grand in the states for a reasonable representation of your kit? My 12 piece pack was 9 grand. The difference I paid got me all the little details that I wanted that aren't available from Mapex (which is a brand that I highly admire, btw.) Had it been a wrap, the price would have dropped to about $4,500.00. If we really are picking with our ears...
Ok, just to put things in perspective monetary-wise. My 5 piece DW cost me $8,500 AUD, plus an extra $700 AUD for the snare. Mind you I bought my DWs at a time when the Australian Dollar was worth about 60 US cents, so that didn't really help things...

My point is, with purchases like these money becomes irrelevant. I intend on keeping my DWs for as long as I'm still playing drums, i.e.: a lifetime investment. Price sorta doesn't matter when looked at it like that. I chose DW because of their sound and looks, and because I believe in the brand.
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