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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

The only mud I throw is the fact that they are way too expensive. It is a fact actually. We can not compare what I spent because I bought mine in Canada. I do know what I could of got if for in the states though. Oh, and by the way mine is not a wrap. It is a hand rubbed 8 coat lacquer finish over an arctic white paint. I don't do wraps. :)

In the states I could of bought 2 seven piece shell packs for about 4 thousand dollars total. That crazy rack alone cost me 3500 up here in Canada with all the cymbal arms and mounts. The funny thing is all the DW hardware is made in China. Not that there is anything wrong with that. :) Pretty sure they have quality labour there just like in North America. They jack up the price and put a DW stamp on it. Even their PDP rack is cheaper, just because it doesn't say DW. Same rack though. Marketing, marketing, marketing. Just want people to pick with there ears, and not by brand. Guess that is my main point. I will leave it alone.
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