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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Hey Jimbo. I am not taking it the wrong way at all. It is all good. I think you like the sound of an all maple shell. I don't. I don't even like my favorite drummers kit sound.(Neil Peart)
I bought my Saturns from one of the most established drum stores in Ontario, and probably Canada. They have every top of the line kit coming and going in that place. He is a huge DW retailer. He has had so many different one of a kind kits in there, and so on. I have tried many. They sound like Maple kits. Very well made maple kits, but still maple. When he called me in to see a used Saturn one day he admitted to me that the Saturn was an amazing kit. He said the sound was very unique. All the guys that worked there would tap the toms on the set that was in the window because of how unique they sounded. These guys are used to having Brady, DW, Sonor, Pearl, Ludwig, Tama, top of the line kits in their stores.

I did not buy the Saturn's because they were cheap or because of the name Mapex. I had not even heard the name before. The day I went in to look at the used kit was the first time I had seen Mapex before. They just had such a different sound to all the other kits that I had tried over the last 20 years of going into drum stores and wondering if I was missing anything by solely playing my Roland TD10 kit.

If you have seen my kit you will know that I am fussy. I know all about the DW hardware. That silly rack and all its stands costs more than most peoples kits. It was the rack and hardware that I wanted because it seemed to be the best built. We are not rich by any stretch of the imagination, but if I had wanted a DW kit, believe me I would of gotten one.

I love the the one hole and size of the Mapex lug. On the White it looked like buttons on a tuxedo. Nice and small and low in mass, without the extra hole that is not needed. There tom mounts are among the best out there as far as I'm concerned. Very Tama like, who I think have been the for runners for years on hardware. I don't like the huge lug on the DW. Lugs should be small, and low in mass as far as I'm concerned. I also don't like the DW tom mounting system. It is way too large and visible to me. I bought a top of the line DW snare stand a few years back and I hate it. It seems to never stay set. The Mapex one is beautifully made with a ball in socket joint for adjustment. I think Yamaha also does this. You can put the snare exactly were you want it and it will not move.

I have not owned a DW kit before, but I have enough of there stands pedals and hardware to know what they are about. They make good stuff just like everyone else. I love the sound of Walnut, and thin shells that project very well. Mapex just happens to make this.

I think a lot of people, whether they will admit it or not, see owning a DW as a status symbol. Kind of like owning a Harley. They are the kit to have right now because a lot of the pros are payed to play them. If was like this with TAMA in the past, as well as Ludwig. I don't buy my kit because of who plays it. I buy it because of how it sounds. I used a Maple patch on my Rolands for the last 20 years, and I am bored to tears with how they and the maple kits I hear sound. Maybe one day that will change, who knows. For now I love the sound of the Saturns. The fact that they are cheap is just a bonus. I get to buy more pieces. :)
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