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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Originally Posted by Brundlefly View Post
I think the phrase "too much money" is wildly subjective.

Casting relative income differences aside... if you like the sound of other manufacturer's kits, and don't care about being able to be dead specific about your shell's intervals, and don't wish to custom design your own finish, and don't wish to have each shell potentially manufactured with a different laminate design and don't care about getting the world's only set of 8" maple SSC octabans with shells matched to a diatonic scale with custom mounting hardware... then yeah, DW charges too much and you really should be looking elsewhere. Honestly, you really are paying for more than you need if you aren't interested in some sub set of these things and I would be among the first to recommend looking elsewhere. It's not like the other guys don't make great stuff.

But there aren't too many places one can get this level of intense, personally collaborative custom drum design work done for less than what I paid for this kit (if there are any at all). And among those that might be in the ball park, I know of few (well, none, if I'm honest) who can offer every one of the features I took advantage of in the design of my kit. It is the first and only time I've ever purchased a kit that was a dead match for what was in my head in every detail. In its way, it is a work of personalized perfection. To me, that is worth every penny I spent.

And I expect the same will be true of the 13 x 7 x 3/8 cherry/maple Super Solid edge snare I ordered, which will be the first of its kind in existence come this December. Some fraction of the money that I spent on the kit funded the research that led to the Super Solid line. And the money I spent on this snare supports the increase in build options for that line as well. In this way, each purchase is a small investment, and DW has always paid dividends in the form of innovations from which I've been able to benefit.

And for the record, my current house down payment was 29.7 times the cost of my drum kit. The cost of my first house down payment was only 18.2 times the cost of the Tama kit that I purchased around that time frame. From that relative perspective, the Tama kit was a far larger stretch for me financially.

Now, because this is supposed to be an eye candy thread, I'll do my due diligence:

I want to see you play it! :)
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