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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Hello Tod,

got both of your videos and id like to say:

1. Thx for the good travelling advices: i play drums but that's not my job, nevertheless my job makes me travel a lot around the world. While watching the video i found myself doing the same things in life :D
2. i use pro tools HD to record myself, and im trying to find a way to listen to myself with no delays while recording while at the same time using some fx, compression and eq to make make my ears enjoy the sound more (i play in a small booth with HP's on). Do u know any good rack preamp (not big mixers: there's no room in the booth :/) that has ""direct out" line outputs independent from the analog outputs that go into the AD converters like the big consoles have?

Thx a bunch
Stefano (Italy)
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