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Default Re: the new iphone

As a total Mac guy - you'd think I'd want to be connected via phone, but I really hate it. The only people that call me is my work and I'm certainly not being productive with it. I'm considering going back to not having a phone and seeing if my life changes at all. When I had a phone with internet access, I found myself wasting alot of time on the internet - which would be good if I was single and looking for a mate, or if I needed a daily dose of pornography. All the things I want to be good at, drumming, playing that new ukulele, photography, bike riding, etc.,....all do not involve the internet or email or text messages or voice mails.

But as a man once asked me about technology, "could you actually go back?". I wish I could say YES! But as it stands, I'll have to be happy with forking out my $90 a month (1100 a year) just to have the service should I need it, because everybody else has it. Besides, I need to access Drummerworld ;)
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