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Ahh, something I'm finally qualified to talk about ;)

No 4s. Originally Apple was trying to corner the market on low-income markets (mainly overseas) but eventually pulled the plug. It was going to be all iPhone 4 components in an attempt to bring the price point below $100. It really should've been named iPhone 3.75

The iPhone 5 might have the A5 processor, will have an upgraded front and back camera, it will be thinner, the edges beveled and the screen brought all the way to the left and right side. From what I've heard, the mega features are going to be internal so most people might not appreciate them.

It's looking like iOS will be the major highlight. Notification system, an "Assistant" feature that supposedly outshines googles latest speech commanded software and iCloud. There will also be a feature that not only uses the camera flash as a visual notification but you'll also be able to completely customize the vibrations of the vibrate feature.

Don't pull the trigger on an iPhone 4. I actually bought a second 4 a couple of months ago because I dropped mine while running and it was of course 1 out of like 4 times I've ever had the cover off. Murphy's law. No reason to get behind the ball when it'll be out in a little over a week.
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