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Default Re: Moral Dilemma: What would you do?

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
This seems to be the most mature solution,
No mate. This is a job. How would it be if you took on an electrical job due to someone leaving, you put in a solid few months of hard work and then he returns and kindly asks for you to put yourself back out on the street (or relegated you to just driving the van) because he changed his mind? The most mature solution would be for Caddy's mate to realise that you can't give up a gig and then just expect it back because he'd like it to be so.

Whether it ruffles feathers or not, I just don't see why Caddy should be expected to hand anything over. Sure the guy can ask....a bit cheeky for mine, but no harm no foul.....but he shouldn't blink an eye if/when Caddy says "Nup, you asked me to do it for you, I've given up a hell of a lot to accomodate you. I'm sorry and I understand your position but at the end of the day it's unreasonable to expect me to be unemployed because you walked and now wanna come back."

Sharing gigs or playing guitar isn't maturity at all......not when it's gonna put him out. Maturity is the other guy accepting his loss and finding something else to do with himself.
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